Dave Grohl covered many bands, and played many alternate versions of his songs.
There are also a lot of side projects like Probot.


Damn You Damn Everyone
FFL (Best Of You Single)
Fraternity (There Is Nothing Left To Lose - Aussie Edition)
Gods Look Down (Previous Band Scream)
Goodbye Lament (w/ Tony Iommi / Black Sabbath)
Gun Beside My Bed (Early Version of Overdrive)
How I Miss You (I'll Stick Around Single)
I'm Alone Again
It's All About The Benjamins
Make A Bet (First Version of Win Or Lose)
Mountain Of You
Normal (Times Like These Single)
Podunk (This Is A Call Single)
Skin And Bones (DOA Single)
Spill (Best Of You Single)
The Colour And The Shape
Tighter And Tighter (Studio Video)
Walking A Line ver.1 (One By One DVD)
Walking A Line ver.2 (One By One DVD)
World ver.1 (Resolve Single)
World ver.2 (Resolve Single)